About us

MICA’s incubation centre is the first-of- its-kind, devoted solely to initiatives related to communications technology and services. It aims to encourage entrepreneurship in the communication sector.

Launched with support from the Department of Science and Technology, under the Government of India, the incubator aims to help entrepreneurs to turn promising ideas into businesses that can revolutionize the sector.


The MICA Incubator will lend support to any idea that can potentially transform or enhance the field of Strategic Marketing and Communication, including, but not limited to the following areas of innovation:

  1. Communication Service Technologies: Advertising, Marketing Research, Media Planning, PR and Event Management, E-business and E-marketing, other services such as value-added mobile services, photography, entertainment, education, design consulting, video and film productions, digital editing etc.
  2. Communication Product Technologies: Internet, SMS, MMS, Web search, gaming, film and entertainment content. etc.
  3. Communication Equipment: Computers, TV, cameras, printers, satellites, mobile phones, stylus, application-oriented software. etc.
  4. Applications Tools for Communication Businesses: Audience measurement tools, tools for research and data analytics; consumer tracking tools; tools for evaluating the impact of communication, software, etc.


Facilities & support

The MICA Incubator is committed to supporting budding entrepreneurs throughout the process of business formation i.e. from conception to commercialization. Once an idea is selected for incubation, the incubator will provide support in terms of converting the idea into a working model, research experimentation, lab testing, accreditations, market research, business plan, promotion, and networking, in addition to continual guidance of highly respected mentors.

Along with this support, incubatees will receive the the MICA Incubator will provide the following facilities:

  • An existing extensive network of academicians, professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations in the communication industry in India and abroad
  • Television Audience Measurement(TAM) Lab, established at the MICA campus jointly with the Media Agency of Mudra (OMS) and Audience Measurement Analytics Ltd (AMAP)
  • Hughes Directway on-line education facility, which has launched programmes in Media Management, Data Analytics, Advertising Management and Integrated Marketing Communication
  • A one of kind ‘Idea Lab’ with state-of-the-art facilities, aimed at inspiring the best ideas
  • Digital equipped with 16 Macs (IBM platform too), and design softwares including Adobe Photoshop, 3D studio max, Maya, Adobe Premiere and Illustrator
  • Digital Design and publishing support
  • Video conferencing room, providing access to global communication facilities
  • Radio broadcasting facilities
  • Access to library resources including the huge collection of articles, journals, databases, videos, etc. in the online library
  • Basic office amenities such as computing, telephony, facsimile and postal services, meeting space. etc.
  • Other amenities such as a canteen, auditorium, outdoor and recreational facilities and, gymnasium.

Incubation procedure

Interested candidates will be asked to submit a detailed application form, which would include a brief abstract of their idea, as well as – a proposal and a tentative business plan. Selected incubatees will then undergo training in entrepreneurship, after which they will commence the initial stages of their venture with the support and facilities provided by the MICA Incubator.

For more information on the MICA Incubator, kindly contact: comcubator@micamail.in

About MICA

Established in 1991, MICA is the only residential institute in the country, perhaps the Asia-Pacific region, dedicated to creating Leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication.

Life at MICA is student-centric, aimed at teaching students the importance of commitment to, and a passion for, marketing and work ethics through a plethora of extracurricular programmes in addition to coursework. The ultimate aim is to create consumer-centric industry leaders equipped to solve clients’ problems through innovative communication strategies.

MICA has a strong industry interface through activities such as Management Development Programmes, consultancy and collaborative research. Its wide array of avenues — such as MICAMINDS (Student Research and Consultancy Cell), Micanvas (the Annual Marketing Management Festival) and the MICA Lecture Series (MLS) — engage the students with the industry, augmenting their learning and building their competencies.

The results of these endeavours are clearly visible in the 100-percent placement MICA has achieved over the years. Today, MICA is the alma mater of several professionals serving in leadership positions in some of the best-known companies in the fields of marketing, brand management, research and analytics, advertising, media, digital and other strategic marketing and communication-driven businesses, both in India and abroad.