Demo Day5th  – October,2014

Demo Day (presentations by early stage business start up by students and youth community) was organized by MICA Incubator in association with Point 10 ventures.

Details of the Event:

Date : 5th October,2014

Venue : MICA  Auditorium

Special Address: Deval Delivala, Director of Process at Uber on Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Uber.

Demo Companies:

  1. Let’s Recycleis a Social Enterprise that  operates in segment of DRY Waste Management & Recycling, where it COLLECTS DRY waste from Waste generators and SEGREGATES the recyclable and SENDS the recyclables to AUTHORISED RECYCLERS. Let’s Recycle is revolutionising dry waste mgmt in the Ahmedabad.
  2. Flinntis a social utility that connects people to their preferred learning networks. Flinnt enables schools, colleges, training and coaching institutions, teachers, instructors, mentors and teams to create their courses in a controlled and structured manner and engage their learners in a collaborative learning environment.
  3. SAVë Electric Vehiclesmakes  environment friendly battery operated vehicles. Some of their major products include –  SAVë School Rickshaw, SAVë Cargo, SAVë Battery Operated Carts, SAVë Passenger on Raods, and SAVë Food Van.
  4. The App Guruz is an Indian company focused on mobile apps and games development.They have built over thousands of apps and games across iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Platform. Some of their innovative games include – Apple Run 3D & Snakes & Ladders 3D.
  5. is One Stop Shop For the Best Cakes from the Best Bakers in Town.
  6. Almamapaper is a platform to promote social learning among students globally ( Knowledge Sharing ) and helping them stay connected to their alumni on an active basis ( Alumni Networking ).
  7. Inkrasais a photo gifting service that helps you communicate your messages and memories with your loved ones in print.
  8. GreenOpia, incubated at MICA Incubator is a design and digital marketing agency building innovative solutions for social media engagement for brands.

 The Rising Sun – Awardees: 

  1. Menstrupedia – The pioneering initiative to explain menstruation and all issues surrounding it in the most  friendly manner.
  2. Chai Wai – Ahmedabad’s best Chai Chain.
  3. Gridbots is a technology and Innovation from India and work in the field of Robotics – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision. They develop state of art robotic systems and technologies which redefine how to solve a problem in an innovative way.
  4. Space-O Technologies one of  the fastest growing mobile app development company of Gujarat.
  5. is one of the world’s largest event discovery and promotion platform.(MICA Incubate)

Pioneer Awardee:

Bhagyesh Soneji  ( Chairperson – Western Region ASSOCHAM & CMD Ameda Pharma Pvt Ltd )